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August 26, 2004

The G5 is here!


It finally arrived today. i had it delivered to my office to ensure that someone would be here. But because things have been hectic here at work I haven't had a chance to crack open the box. Can't wait to get home later tonight and hook this baby up!

I'm going to have to stop by Staples to pick up a Firewire cable so that I can use Target Disk Mode to copy the files on my G4 over to my G5.

I'm also wondering if i should partition the drive (250 GB) before I do anything. I think this would require a reinitializing the drive and a reinstall of all software - which quite frankly could be a PITA and a huge chunk of time.

anyone have any advice?

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Funny T-shirt & site


I had to buy one. :)

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August 20, 2004

Apple misses another ship date

The funny thing is that I expected this email to come yesterday - the day before the revised ship date. When it didn't arrive I became excited that my new G5 might very well be shipping today. The fact that Apple sent this email late in the day of the revised ship date is somewhat sadistic.

Note to self: do not mark August 30th down in your calendar.

To Our Valued Apple Customer:

Thank you for ordering the Power Mac G5!

The demand for this item has been incredible. We are shipping them as quickly as possible, but cannot meet the ship date we previously estimated for you. We now expect to ship your Power Mac on or before August 30th. Your satisfaction is important to us and we appreciate your patience and sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this delay has caused you.

Please rest assured that we fulfill all orders in the order they are received.

rest assured my a$$...

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August 07, 2004

The Scenic Route

I drive by this view in Somers, NY several times a week and since summer started I've been telling myself that I have to bring my camera with me so that I can capture the vibrant colors.

I finally did on Friday and luckily enough it was a sunny day. In a classic display of Murphy's Law, as soon as I started taking pictures with my Nikon Coolpix 990, the low-battery warning light came on. What then happens is that the camera automatically shuts off.

So for several minutes I did this dance of turning on the camera and trying to focus and take a picture before the camera shut off.

I wasn't too successful, but I think the above shot came out pretty decent. I'll have to buy some AA batteries and try it again another day...

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August 03, 2004

Cool site for cool skips


Just discovered this site over on k10k thanks to Mike Buzzard.

I LURVE the minimalist design of the site as well as the apparent Design appreciation of the company. One of the first things you see at the site is a quote from the co-founder of the Wiener Werkstatte, Josef Hoffman:

"Better to work ten days on one product than to manufacture ten products in one day"

This obsession to quality is so rare these days, so one can only hope that Medium Footwear truly believe's Hoffman's words and are not just using it as a marketing schtick.

My only beef is that the Constructivist shoe appears to be a Womens-only shoe (there is no size 11). Surely some of my fellow brothers have an affinity for Constructivism! I do hope they make a Men's version.

In the meantime the Modernist looks pretty cool, though I wish I knew if Midnight meant Navy or a Dark Charcoal. Navy skips just don't do it for me.

I'm in the market for new skips and these shoes speak to me. Which would you recommend?

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August 02, 2004

New Jersey Nets may make me a Knicks fan once again

I love basketball. Love watching it. Used to love playing it (even though I suck). I also used to be a huge New York Knicks fan back in the day. By that I mean Patrick Ewing, Charles Oakley, John Starks, etc.

When the Knicks did the unthinkable and traded Ewing, I lost faith in the Knicks and pretty much in the NBA. But my interest was renewed when Jason Kidd got traded to the New Jersey Nets back in 2001. Always an admirer of Kidd's dishing ability I was even more excited to learn about the Nets' decision to draft the Cincinnati Bearcats exciting forward, Kenyon Martin.

Fast forward three years later and the Nets have been without-a-doubt the most exciting b-ball team to watch. Between Kidd's amazing passing and Kenyon Martin's and Richard Jefferson's explosive dunks - the Nets satisified all of my hoops entertainment needs.

But now in an unprecedented stupid move, the Nets owners decided to save money and have traded away Kenyon Martin to the Denver Nuggets. complete insanity.

Not even the fact that this team might be moving to Brooklyn in a few years can save them now.

Let's go Knicks.

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