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December 01, 2006

Firefoxy form widgets in Firefox 2.0

For those of us used to Philippe Wittenberg's elegant Firefox widgets thanks to Aaron Madion-Kay's Firefoxy app, a Firefox 2.0 compatible version has yet to be released.

If you're lucky enough to own a shiny new Intel Mac, you have the option of downloading an Intel optimized 2.0 build with Firefoxy form widgets courtesy of Neil Lee over on BeatnikPad.

However for those of us still squeezing the power out of a G5 Mac, there is no ready-made build or solution for a Firefox 2.0 build with Firefoxy form widgets.

Until now...

Actually, Aaron Madion-Kay is very helpful on his Firefoxy site in describing where the widgets are located within Firefoxy. While I'd love to be able to offer a new build of Firefoxy, I'm hoping I can offer the next best thing, which is a little video clip demonstrating how I copied the form widgets into Firefox 2.0 by right clicking and selecting "show package contents". Click on the screenshot below to view the short demonstration (2.5 MB Quicktime .mov)


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